Welcome to TiltSound and where our goal is to provide you with a product which not only sounds awesome, but also one which truly represents your sound.

We are currently located in Bethesda, Maryland. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


RECORDING – $65/hr

You can record your songs for just $65 dollars an hour, through our best gear which includes a variety of world class gear. The price is only low because, well…. because yeah. If you want to pay more, you are welcome to as well once you hear the results. Sound quality is not compromised at this price. This also includes a free quick rough mix at the end of the session, in case you want to share with friends.

MIXING – $90/hr

We will make your song stand out along with all of those details you love about your song.  Most importantly however, your song will sound like you, but with that album release polish.  There is nothing worse than getting a good mix that sounds like everything except YOUR song.  A rough master is included as well so you can listen to the track while you get it mastered.

MASTERING- $120/Song

A great recording and a likewise mix will make your song sound the way you want it. In mastering we will make it sound like everybody wants it to soumnd. We will bring your mix so that it sounds like a record, ensuring the same level of air, and punch as that radio track you hear all the time. (Custom pricing if there are stems involved)